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Abbie Ferris—

Abbie Ferris
Artist: Abbie Ferris
Track: In My Levi’s
Single: In My Levi’s

Country pop artist, Abbie Ferris, has released a remix of In My Levi’s, the final single lifted from her Ready or Not EP.

Entitled the “champagne remix”, In My Levi’s is Abbie in a nutshell. Written completely by her—a true-blue country girl who also loves to get dolled up for a girl’s night out in the city—in the remix version, we follow Abbie’s journey as she moves from her country town to “the big smoke”.

In My Levi’s shares Abbie’s growth and new experiences, from life in a swag under the stars to a city with a neon sky. Growing up is often overwhelming and exciting, at the same time, but Abbie embraces her new reality with a modern country mix. She acknowledges her roots and new-found love of the city in a fun, upbeat single.

Website: Abbie Ferris

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