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Allison Forbes—

Allison Forbes
Artist: Allison Forbes
Track: Pieces of Silver
Album: Dead Men Tell No Tales

“It’s my favourite song of mine that I’ve ever recorded, and I’ve recorded a few now,” enthuses Allison Forbes of her new song Pieces of Silver.

This is a beautiful song of hope and aspiration, built around a musical melange that seems to come from another time and place. The feel of distant locations and musical textures combine in a musical performance that’s part Appalachian mountains, part remote Irish countryside and part back roads in Australia. Despite everything the world throws at us we’re all looking at the same stars that every generation has gazed at and hoping for the same things. “No matter how dark the darkness gets, there will always be the stars.”

This thrashing and energetic new release, is the third single from Allison’s forthcoming album Dead Men Tell No Tales. Produced by Matt Fell, it is a bone-shaking, monster tune, with thumping rhythm, soaring vocals and resounding guitars. Allison is an honest and inspiring performer, her voice soaring easily through any style with strength, warmth, and consideration—a dark gothic thread weaved through the straw of a country music basket of goodies.

Website: Allison Forbes

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