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Andrew Farriss—

Slim Dusty
Artist: Andrew Farriss
Track: With the Kelly Gang
Single: With the Kelly Gang

Sharing music from the release of his debut country solo album at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Andrew Farriss has lots more to celebrate with a nomination in the 2022 Golden Guitar awards for Heritage Song of the Year. The gun-slinging With the Kelly Gang paints a vivid picture of Australian history.

When Andrew was writing and recording his self-titled solo album, he knew from the start that he wanted to tell the story of an Australian outlaw, to bring the album full circle from its tales of international cultural spirituality, back to home. He says, “The legend of Ned Kelly and his gang has fascinated generations. I’ve always been interested in Australia’s history, and I’ve since learned both sides of the Ned Kelly Story. This song captures a moment of Australian culture that felt right with the outlaw theme of my album, and I really enjoyed writing it with Mark and Jay O’shea.”

Andrew specifically chose to keep the instrumentation in the song “old-school”, using acoustic instruments, Irish flute, harmonica and mandolin, instead of loops, samples and drum machines, to enhance the historic feel of the track. The result is a song that centers the listener in a place and time, contemplating another side of an infamous outlaw.

Website: Andrew Farriss

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