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Andrew Farriss—

Andrew Farriss
Artist: Andrew Farriss
Track: Run Baby Run
Album: Andrew Farriss

Revered songwriter Andrew Farriss’s debut self-titled solo album has been a passion project for more than a decade, and sees Andrew setting his feet firmly in a music direction that is all about the storytelling. His single, Run Baby Run, is a track that combines old-time reverie with an outlaw country sentiment.

Co-written with Bruce Wallace and Phil Barton in Nashville, Run Baby Run embodies the feeling of freedom, and the concept of getting away from it all. “The idea that you can just run, you can ride your horse, you can get into your car, or you can drive off down the highway,” says Andrew. “It is a feel good kind of song. The idea of the song is about being liberated, you always want to feel like you are young, and may the young forever run free.”

Run Baby Run is the third single from the album, following “Good Momma Bad”, released at the start of 2020, and “Come Midnight”, released in 2019.

Early on, Andrew was particularly moved by the thought process of “movers and shakers” and wanted to carve a story around this concept. “There are some people who are happy to fly under the radar,” he says. “And there are some people who want to be movers and shakers in the world. If you are going to be a mover and shaker, you have to run baby run. I knew those two phrases, I had to have in a song. I like the second verse in particular. Singing a song for the lost and disillusioned in the world! People want to feel like they have a purpose, why we are here, we have a good code to live by and that is what the song is all about.”

When it came to recording Run Baby Run, Andrew hand-picked some of the best players in Nashville to join him on the song. Recorded with Larry Beaird at his studios, the track features Eddie Bayers (drums), Jimmy Nicols (keyboards), Eli Beaird (bass), Justin Ostrander (electric guitar) and Justin Schipper (pedal steel). Like many of the songs recorded for Andrew’s debut release, the song fell into place in the studio, as the musicians and Andrew laid all the instrumentation down live.

Website: Andrew Farriss

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