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Angus Gill—

Angus Gill
Artist: Angus Gill
Track: Samson
Album: The Scrapbook

Angus Gill is described by John Williamson as “a breath of fresh air and a future bronze statue in Australia Country Music.” His album The Scrapbook includes a much talked about track, the poignant tale of Samson.

Co-written by Angus and US writers, Kirsti Manna and Bill DiLuigi, Samson, sees Angus playing the character of a primary school child who is narrating the story of his friend, Sam, who overcomes adversity using his inner strength.

Samson was a title I had sitting on my phone for ages,” Angus says. “I had a few ideas of where this could go, but when I got together with Kirsti and Bill, it took a different turn all together that none of us were expecting.”

Kirsti claims Samson to be one of the favourite songs she’s ever written. “Over the span of several co-writing sessions, we came up with a story about one young boy impacting another with his integrity and moral strength,” she explains.

Angus says that “Samson was “one of the puzzle pieces that indicated to me I was making a bluegrass album. I’ve always been a fan of bluegrass and wanted to make a real deal grass record. The song tells you where it wants to go and you have to follow.”

Website: Angus Gill

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