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Ben Mastwyk—

Ben Mastwyk
Artist: Ben Mastwyk
Track: Chicken and the Egg
Album: Livin’ on Gold Street

Chicken and the Egg is the fourth single from Ben Mastwyk’s album Livin’ on Gold Street.

A bombastic, super-charged, seventies-inspired country-funk number, Chicken and the Egg bursts from the speakers with an unapologetic party atmosphere. The song celebrates taking a bite out of everything life has to offer and never looking a gift horse in the mouth.

“It’s a fairly light-hearted song written at a time when life was golden,” explains Ben. “I’d just come out of long dark spell, fallen deeply in love and felt like king of the world. The song emerged out of an offer of breakfast choices, but came to more broadly represent my feelings toward life at the time. Would I like left-over chicken or some eggs? You know what ... I’ll take the chicken and the egg! I guess it’s about making the most of what’s on offer and taking all possible opportunities presented to you. Of course, still remain gracious and humble but you know ... don’t be shy, make the most of it.”

Livin’ on Gold Street, Ben’s third album, was recorded at The Shrimp Shack with guitarist/producer, Michael Hubbard. The new album sees Ben’s sometimes delicate, sometimes playful songwriting fuse with the lush and rhapsodic sounds of his band, The Millions.

Website: Ben Mastwyk

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