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Ben Ransom—

Ben Ransom
Artist: Ben Ransom
Track: Coming Down in Spades
Single: Coming Down in Spades

Coming Down in Spades is the latest single from country rocker Ben Ransom.

“There’s a storm coming ... and it’s gonna be coming down in spades! There may be no escape, but that doesn’t have to mean you’re going to get washed away, because this time, you can be a little more prepared!” says Ben.

The premise behind Coming Down in Spades is that whether it’s a global pandemic, complexities of love, or the relentless bombardment of reality televsion, at some point we’re going to get rained on ... badly! How we deal with it is going to come down to experience. Coming Down in Spades delivers a rock edged slap in the face while honouring the country sensibilities, all sewn together with producer Matt Fells’s incomparable touch.

Website: Ben Ransom

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