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Billie-Jo Porter—

Billie-Jo Porter
Artist: Billie-Jo Porter
Track: Feels Like Us
Single: Feels Like Us

Billie-Jo Porter has released her debut single Feels Like Us, an upbeat, heart-warming love song co-written with Andrew Blyth at the Dag Sheep Station Songwriters Retreat.

Billie-Jo is no stranger to songwriting having co-written Head Full of Honey with Andrew Swift. Her rising success captured the attention of multiple Golden Guitar and Aria Award winner Shane Nicholson, who produced Feels Like Us at The Sound Hole studios on The Central Coast.

Feels Like Us was inspired by her relationship with her long term partner. “Feels Like Us is about a love that is well worn in,” explains Billie-Jo. “Andrew and I reflected on our own personal relationships and infused them into the song by focusing on the honesty of the journey of everyday life in love.”

Website: Billie-Jo Porter

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