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Brendan McMahon—

Brendan McMahon
Artist: Brendan McMahon
Track: Sugar Cane Man
Single: Sugar Cane Man

Brendan McMahon has released his new single, Sugar Cane Man.

Picture a back street in Havana, Cuba, old Chevy’s and Buick’s slowly gliding by, an open-air bar or café and a guy in a stained singlet in front of an antique sugar cane crushing machine. He spins the wheel on the machine with pride and a smile as he crushes the cane into juice to sell to the passing tourists as a Marlon Brando look alike sits in a plastic chair next to him smoking a cigar. “Living high on the world, Brando is there, the girls gather round to see the Sugar Cane Man,” goes the song.

Growing up in the small town of Kapunda near South Australia’s Barossa Valley, Brendan McMahon discovered his love of music at the age of 14 after being “awed and floored” seeing Jimi Hendrix play on television. Borrowing money from his mother (and paying it back at $2 a week) he promptly bought himself a $60 guitar and amp rig from a mate.

Initially wanting to be a glam-rock superstar in the 80s and 90s Brendan transitioned to the more storytelling driven tunes of songwriters such as Paul Kelly, Harry Manx, Richard Thompson and Garth Brooks, artists that continue to inspire him today.

Website: Brendan McMahon

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