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Brian Cadd—

Brian Cadd
Artist: Brian Cadd
Track: The One That Got Away
Album: Dream Train

Australian country-rock pioneer, Brian Cadd, is captivating fans once again following the January release of his single You Know What to Say, with his latest single, The One That Got Away, now released from his album, Dream Train.

Brian, a trailblazer in the realm of country music, reflects on his musical journey with a sense of fulfilment and excitement as he released Dream Train, an album that pays homage to the genre he has always cherished.

“I should have done this 30 years ago,” he says.

Commenting on the release of The One That Got Away, Brian says, “If Let Go has a much younger sibling, it is The One That Got Away. Born fifty years apart, they share the same parents; all the beautiful slow country songs I fell in love with over the years that talk about powerful personal events and feelings.”

Dream Train represents a culmination of Brian’s prolific career, drawing inspiration from his rich experiences as a country-rock pioneer in Australia and his tenure in Nashville, the heart of country music.

Website: Brian Cadd

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