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Brittany Elise—

Brittany Elise
Artist: Brittany Elise
Track: Feel the Fire
Single: Sunshine Hurricane

The year has already been a whirlwind for country-pop rising star, Brittany Elise, being named Most Popular New Female Artist of the Year at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards.

The title of her new vibrant single, Feel the Fire refers to the too-often ignored, passion and ambition that stirs within many of us. “Go for that job, switch careers, work overseas, go back to school, ask for a pay rise!” Brittany exclaims. Co-written with David Carter, Brittany set out to craft a song that would encourage listeners to “be fierce and follow what’s burning inside of them.”

Brittany says, “We really wanted to create a choir, anthem vibe throughout the production of this song to resemble a live audience.”

Website: Brittany Elise

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