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Brock Colley—

Brock Colley
Artist: Brock Colley
Track: One Kind of Beautiful
Single: One Kind of Beautiful

One Kind of Beautiful is a country pop track that encourages men to stand up and let their partner know the numerous amazing ways she is beautiful—the ways that generally go untalked about in a world that is so focussed on physical image. The song emphsises the things that woman have a tendency to think that men don’t notice.

Hailing from Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW, energetic and fun loving songwriter Brock Colley has an endless passion for hearing great music bind together with meaningful lyrics. Brock has always dabbled in creating music; the genre of music never matters, it’s always just been a case of “Does it sound good?”

Cutting his teeth playing shows in late night bars and nightclubs, Brock got a fair taste of the world and what it has to offer from a very young age. Rather than putting these experiences to bed, he has harnessed lessons learned and carries these life experiences into his songs when he writes.

Musical tastes vary so much for Brock that it is nothing for him to be listening to a George Strait record one minute, and then be entrenched in Boyz 2 Men the next. This is also something that he hopes listeners will make sense of as they are listening to his new single One Kind of Beautiful, a song that he hopes will encourage men to start saying the amazing things that they see in their partners, instead of just assuming that they know.

Website: Brock Colley

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