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Brock Colley—

Brock Colley
Artist: Brock Colley
Track: Rush
Single: Rush

With even more energy than before, Brock Colley is back with his brand new single Rush. With rock and roll ganjos creating vibey hooks and huge sounding choruses, Rush sets the scene for couples who have true passion for one another. It’s high energy, high passion and high excitement.

Armed with this new single and an upcoming EP, Brock is back and ready to hit the road again. Following on from his charting single No Mascara, Brock has brought an even more energetic approach to his latest creation. In between writing for other artists and juggling the touring world, he is still finding time to delve deeper into his own recording career and sound.

In his own words, “2022 is going to be a year that is more festival and tour focused”, and Brock’s love for being around people will be at the forefront of what this next season entails.

Website: Brock Colley

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