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Brodie Rainbird—

Brodie Rainbird
Artist: Brodie Rainbird
Track: Lights Left On
EP: Brodie Rainbird

Founding member of the Wolfe Brothers and acclaimed guitarist Brodie Rainbird has stepped out on his own with a unique sound and original songs on his first solo EP.

Written and recorded entirely at home by Brodie, the five songs are written from personal experience. “I felt it was time to have a go at this on my own,” Brodie says. “Its something I’ve always wanted to do but never believed I could. One day I just decided to charge head on into the thing that I was most afraid of and its now the thing I love most in the world!”

The EP covers a lot of ground from Did Someone Break Your Heart, a song about helping a friend through an horrendous break up that was a actually inspired by looking over at a set of traffic lights and noticing that the person in the car next to him was obviously going through a rough time, to Famous, a song about wanting to be rich and famous simply so he could build his parents a new house.

Website: Brodie Rainbird

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