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Bryce Sainty—

Bryce Sainty
Artist: Bryce Sainty
Track: I Just Feel Like Dancing
Single: I Just Feel Like Dancing

Bryce Sainty’s Just Feel Like Dancing is an upbeat country song co-written with Australian and country pop writing duo Bread N Butter.

Bryce says “I’m a terrible dancer, but I always wanted to write a song about dancing because even if you are as bad as I am it’s still super fun and that’s what this songs about ... no matter what’s going on, there is always that one song that gets you up dancing.”

Bryce is from the East Coast of Australia. Following his 2018 success with Eleven Eleven, co-written with US artist Morgan Evans and Something I Want, Bryce released his breakout single Never Going Back, followed by Table for Two and Goodbye.

In 2020 Bryce released his biggest hit to date, Do You Remember, a uniquely upbeat country pop summer anthem, and Nervous, featuring Bryce’s raw vocals delivering a powerful message of venerability. And just when you thought 2020 was over, Bryce released On the Weekend, another summer anthem that has listeners blasting the radio and singing at the top of their lungs.

Website: Bryce Sainty

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