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The Buckleys
Artist: The Buckleys
Track: Wondering
Single: Wondering

Composed of siblings Sarah (vocalist and bassist), Molly (keyboards and vocals), and Lachlan (guitar), The Buckleys initially started making waves in their native Byron Bay.

Sarah says the new single, Wondering, “is a song about those people that come in and out of your life for whatever reason or regardless of how much time has passed.” She adds, “Every once in a while, you find yourself going, ‘Hmmm I wonder what happened there? I wonder what they’re doing? I wonder who they’re with.’ Without any big emotion, love, hate, or longing necessarily attached, you’re just kind of Wondering; and then wondering, why you’re wondering, and, if they’re wondering?!,” she laughs, realizing she’s caught in a conundrum.

Wondering results from an inspired but unexpected artistic matchup with producer Lachlan Bostock of acclaimed Australian band Mansionair. The creative collision combines The Buckleys’s feel-good blend of ’70s old-school AM radio and infectious pop-country vibes and Bostock’s background of electronic-infused indie rock in a fascinating rhythmically rootsy single.

“We loved working with Lach on this song,” says Sarah. “I think what makes this collaboration so special is the fact we both come from completely different musical worlds but were really excited to explore what the other had to bring to the table. Both of us walked into our first co-writing session and were like, ‘Honestly, I have no idea or experience in your style/genre but we’re excited to create something new and fresh so let’s just go and see what happens!’,” she recalls. “I think we found a really cool and unique creative chemistry ... we walked out of that first session with ‘Wondering’!”

Website: The Buckleys

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