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The Buckleys—

The Buckleys
Artist: The Buckleys
Track: I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love)
Single: I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love)

The Buckleys have released their second single I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love). Produced by Daydream (the band’s first single) producer, Chad Carlson, I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love) was written and produced in Nashville.

“This song is really about having a positive and optimistic attitude toward life ... the inspiration came from learning that almost every negative can be turned into a positive if you choose to look at it that way. And that’s how we like to look at the world!” said, Sarah Buckley.

The three teenage sisters, from Byron Bay, have made their mark on the Australian music scene in just six months. “It’s unbelievable to think we’ve grown up coming to Tamworth, being so inspired by musicians and songwriters. We started busking on Peel Street back in 2011,” says Sarah.

The Buckleys (Sarah, Lachlan and Molly) have co-written songs with industry leaders and Grammy Award nominees/winners including Emily Shackelton, Marty Dodson, Jennifer Hanson, Lynn Langham and Chad Carlson.

Website: The Buckleys

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