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Artist: Cassidy Rae
Track: Cheers Y’all
Single: Cheers Y’all

Cheers Y’all, the dynamic new single from Cassidy-Rae is an upbeat, anthemic song, toasting good times and good vibes. Delivering an infectious country-pop sound which is trademark to her past releases, the song is best way to start the party, keep the party going and make the most of every moment.

Written by Cassidy-Rae and produced by Sydney’s Love HZ Studios by renowned producer Michael Carpenter, the song was inspired by Cassidy-Rae’s global tours with memories of US audiences raising a glass in between songs.

Cheers Y’all started as a toast after every song performing on cruise ships around the world, but it became so much more than that. It became a way to connect and a way to celebrate friendships made along the way. I’m so excited for this song to be released. The world is in need of some goodness and some joy. This is a reason to celebrate! And it’s just the start; the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more music coming and what better way than to start with a party!” says Cassidy-Rae.

Cassidy-Rae is a talented and versatile rising star. Her vibrant, confident and authentic performances from her guitar and keyboard, have proven why she has amassed a loyal following. Her mesmerizing vocals, and larger than life stage presence ensures she is an artist with a huge future and one to watch. Cheers Y’all follows I’m on Vacation, Throwback and the heartfelt ballad More.

Website: Cassidy Rae

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