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Chloe Styler—

Chloe Styler
Artist: Chloe Styler
Track: Sweden
Single: Sweden

The year is set to be a big one for Australian singer–songwriter, Chloe Styler, starting with the release of her new single, Sweden.

Chloe is the sole writer of Sweden, a love at first sight story about two people unexpectedly meeting on New Years Eve whose time was cut short and they never even had the chance to exchange names.

“It’s based on a personal experience I had a few years ago when I met a Swedish boy at a New Years Eve Party but never learnt his name. It’s a fun twist on a love song, as I never really had the opportunity to ‘fall’ for this boy but at the same time I definitely thought he was pretty,” laughed Chloe. “Writing songs from my own perspective can be really fun at times, especially when the subject involves a beautiful Swedish boy!”

Following on from the success of Patient Heart, Chloe couldn’t wait any longer to get another song out into the world. “I’m really excited to debut this new sound. Sweden has been one of my favourite songs for years and to be able to get this out in the world to kick off a new decade is exciting.”

Website: Chloe Styler

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