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Chloe Swannell—

Chloe Swannell
Artist: Chloe Swannell
Track: Strange Love
Single: Strange Love

Powerhouse country pop singer-songwriter Chloe Swannell has released her debut single, Strange Love, an upbeat country pop track produced by Tarquin Halls-Corbett featuring Chloe’s impressive vocals and tells the story of a love–hate relationship with an ex.

“I think we have all been through a Strange Love situation,” says Chloe. “When I first heard this track, I fell in love with the lyrics and felt it was a song a lot of people could relate to. I know I certainly can! Strange Love is a country/pop anthem for anyone who has found themselves in the impossible situation of simultaneously hating and yet still being madly in love with their ex. That is a truly strange kind of love.”

Chloe’s passion for music extends beyond her own career as the founder of a well-known music studio in the Central West. No stranger to the stage, she has shared the spotlight with artists including Beccy Cole and Amber Lawrence, as well as performing at the Australian War Memorial, Government House, and The Sydney Opera House.

Website: Chloe Swannell

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