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Colin Lillie—

Colin Lillie
Artist: Colin Lillie
Track: Honky Tonk Southern Sky
Single: Honky Tonk Southern Sky

Australia's acclaimed Americana singer-songwriter, Colin Lillie has released the double-sided single, Honky Tonk Southern Sky and The Ballad of Evey.

On Honky Tonk Southern Sky, Colin pays homage to the storied legacy of honky-tonk music and its legendary icons, crafting a timeless tribute that speaks to the enduring spirit of perseverance and inner strength, resonating deeply across generations. This track encapsulates a blend of resilience and transformation, serving as a profound source of inspiration.

With a driven passion that comes from his transformative journey, Colin reaffirms his position as a true storytelling musician, leaving a mark on the landscape of Americana music.

Website: Colin Lillie

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