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Artist: Copperline
Track: Next Year
Album: Rusty Fords and Weatherboards

Copperline’s release of their single Next Year is the perfect way to end a year. It’s a song about the great Australian tradition of packing up and heading for a sleepy town where summer never ends, about leaving all your worries for next year.

Next Year is the latest single taken from Copperline’s debut album Rusty Fords and Weatherboards.

Lead singer Brad Christmas says the track is “a nostalgic look at the simple things we look forward to during that week between Christmas and New Year. We’d pack the surfboards and fishing rods in the car and leave the rest of it behind.” The lyrics are packed with vivid imagery, including blooming jacaranda and the southern sun turning skins to bronze.

The single was produced at Soundhole Studios by Shane Nicholson, who has worked with artists including Alex Lloyd, Tori Forsyth and Ben Leece. It is the perfect soundtrack for a summer road trip with the windows wound down and the white lines lead the way.

Website: Copperline

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