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Courtney Keil—

Courtney Keil
Artist: Courtney Keil
Track: Hummingbird
Single: Hummingbird

Singer-songwriter Courtney Keil has launches her second single Hummingbird, an upbeat and inspiring song produced by Rod McCormack.

Hummingbird was written as a reminder to choose positive things in life over negative. As there will always be reasons and circumstances that try to pull us down, there is power in rising above these situations. If we make a conscious effort to spread love and positivity around instead, we can make the world a better place,” says Courtney. “2020 brought out some of the very best and the worst in people and the world, so the inspiration for this song occurred in the heat of trying to shift the focus on all things good.”

Born and raised on a working deer farm in the Adelaide Hills, now living in Melbourne, Courtney has worked toward her release of music for years. Hummingbird lands on the back of her highly successful debut single I Just Wanna Hold You.

Website: Courtney Keil

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