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Damien Leith—

Damien Leith
Artist: Damien Leith
Track: Time Machine
Single: Time Machine

Damien Leith, Irish-Australian and singer-songwriter, is stepping back in time with his latest single Time Machine. The contemplative track sees Damien return to his acoustic songwriting roots, and is the first track from his forthcoming album.

Time Machine envisions the quintessential sliding doors moment in life, considering what could have been if something had been done differently. Featuring sweepingly romantic strings, gracefully weaved with Damien’s soaring vocals and the beautiful harmonies of Emma Greenhill, it is a track that captivates the soul. The single marks a new chapter for Damien, a chance to get back to the essence of songwriting and reflect on what is important in life.

“This style of music has always been my favourite,” he says of acoustic style storytelling. “I’m an acoustic singer-songwriter at heart. When I released my Roy Orbison album, I never expected it to do as well as it did, and in many ways, its success took me away from my first passion of songwriting. Suddenly, everyone wanted me to sing Roy songs or other covers, and releasing my own music took a backseat. With COVID sweeping the world, and concerts being cancelled left, right and centre, it gave me time to reflect and dive back into songwriting.”

Damien first captured the hearts of the Australian public in the 2006 reality television show Australian Idol. Since then, he has enjoyed platinum selling albums and awarded an Australian Commercial Radio Award (ACRA). In addition to his incredible musical successes, he has also hosted and co-hosted multiple television shows, penned two novels, and continues to co-host a popular breakfast radio show.

Website: Damien Leith

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