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Dani Young—

Dani Young
Artist: Dani Young
Track: Alibi
Single: Alibi

Dani Young has released her sultry new single Alibi. Described as the soundtrack for James Bond starring in a Spaghetti Western film, the song is dripping in attitude.

Dani is a country blues artist who catapulted onto the scene with a Golden Guitar nomination for her debut album Desert Water, recorded with Aboriginal elder Warren H. Williams.

Alibi, produced by Jeremy Edwards and co-written with Katie Jayne, is about seeing through the deceptive tactics of a manipulative person, and standing up for yourself. It combines a twangy cowboy western guitar with contemporary alt-country stylings and a soulful vocal to deliver a catchy and powerful song that leaves a unique mark on the country genre.

Website: Dani Young

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