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Della Harris—

Della Harris
Artist: Della Harris
Track: Truth Juice
Single: Truth Juice

Truth Juice is the new single release from multi-award winning artist Della Harris. The track sets the scene for the launch of Della’s forthcoming album at the 2022 Tamworth Country Music Festival, an album that already boasts six National Top10 radio hits including two #1s—Must Have Been the Wine and She Said What?.

Truth Juice has an infectious chorus, quirky lyrics and the classy production that we have come to know and love from Della. “Truth Juice came about after a particularly funny night out with the girls at a pub in Melbourne,” says Della. “Let’s just say, without exposing the poor fella, that he’d had waaaay too many drinks (Truth Juice) and the stuff coming out his mouth would never have been said if he was sober! He ended up making quite a goose of himself, as we all do sometimes when our inhibitions are let loose from too much alcohol. It was pretty hilarious (and a bit flattering I guess haha) and the hilarious chatter about it with my girlfriends and co-writer Clive Young afterwards paved the way for Truth Juice.”

Della is a singer, songwriter, wife and mother, born in the heart of rural Victoria and now living in Melbourne. She’s a storyteller, her authentic stories coming from real life and resonating with her audiences. She is making her mark at a record pace in the Australian country music scene with a list of awards and chart-topping single releases. Her songs and personality have won her fans all across Australia and are paving the way to an incredible debut album to be released at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Website: Della Harris

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