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Donna Fisk—

Donna Fisk
Artist: Donna Fisk
Track: Crying Over
Single: Crying Over

“Dark and drowning in my sorrows ... this ain’t no party tune,” says Donna Fisk. “Some songs are such that they can become an individual’s personal interpretation. Make of it what you will, but for me it rang of the opinion that joy seems so fleeting and sorrow lingers.... Memories flood back of good times that live in the shadow of losing dear ones. There are songs for a time, songs that take you back to a time—Crying Over.”

Donna is an award winning singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer and Royal Command Performer with several number one chart topping hit recordings, and the honour of being immortalised in the Australian Country Music Fame Park.

Donna features in many music publications including Andrea Lemon’s book Rodeo Girls Go Round The Outside, exploring modern day female trailblazers for Australian country music. Touring her own show as well as performing and recording overseas, incorporating appearances on local and international media, she is the voice on many national advertising campaigns including being assigned to perform for the Australian Government campaign song, Building on a Strong Foundation as the anthem for The Australian Centenary of Federation.

Website: Donna Fisk

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