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Artist: Dozzi
Track: Ramone’s T-Shirt
Single: Ramone’s T-Shirt

Australian sisters, Andrea (Mandolin and Vocals), Jesse (Guitar and Vocals) and Nina Dozzi (Keyboards and Vocals), make up the dynamic trio, dozzi. Their latest single is Ramone’s T-Shirt.

Inheriting a unique style from their musical parents, combined with a love of country and pop music (Keith Urban, Maren Morris, Alanis Morissette), dozzi has created their own signature sound.

After reaching #1 on the Australian Country Music Chart, receiving two People’s Choice Awards and playing festivals including CMC Rocks (alongside Kacey Musgraves, Lady Antebellum and Chris Young), the sisters packed their bags and flew across the world to pursue their dream in the USA.

The sisters say, “Andrea is the oldest of the sisters but is definitely not in charge! She always says what’s on her mind and usually makes everyone laugh in the process. Andrea plays the Mandolin, loves singing and entertaining people and always has a smile on her face. Jesse is the middle sister and plays the guitar. She loves being in the studio and writing songs, jumping from the guitar to the piano to the drums, or whatever instrument she can get her hands on. Although Jesse is usually the one keeping her sisters in line, she will often drift off into her own little world of crazy accents and funny voices. Nina is the piano player in the band. Although she never had many lessons as a child, she was continuously drawn to the keys, often found sitting and playing for hours. As soon as a lyric or phrase pops into Nina’s head, she writes it down. No matter where she is, song writing is never far from her mind. Nina may be the youngest of the three sisters but definitely has the most talent when it comes to freestyle rapping, just give her a word and she is bound to come up with something hilarious!”

Website: Dozzi

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