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Ella Powell—

Ella Powell
Artist: Ella Powell
Track: Along the Way
Single: Along the Way

Ella Powell is back with her new single Along the Way, produced by ARIA Award winning Matt Fell. The upbeat, catchy melody combined with her captivating storytelling, will make listeners want to sing and tap along. Bringing together the worlds of pop and country, Ella emphasises the importance of embracing life’s journeys and looking forward rather than behind.

Ella has been named as a rising star, making an impressive mark in the Australian music industry at the age of eighteen. Fans of Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini will connect with Ella’s honest lyrics, powerful vocals and storytelling ability that is engrained into the core of her music. Audiences are captivated by her live performances, as seen when she won the People’s Choice Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, cementing a clear and promising path within the industry.

Ella’s musical ability and skill set, combined with her confident presentation as a unique artist, is truly outstanding and shows the capability of her artistry that is well beyond her years.

Website: Ella Powell

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