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Gareth Leach—

Gareth Leach
Artist: Gareth Leach
Track: Honey
Single: Honey

Honey is the latest single from Melbourne outlaw country artist, Gareth Leach, from his forthcoming album, Trigger.

It is a strong and rebellious alternative country rock track that dismisses the preconceptions that you must own a house, have kids, have lots of money, be stable. It’s Gareth’s way of saying we should be able to live life without pressure and externally injected anxiety.

Honey is about how fragile it all is, and largely dependent on money. Society places a certain and, for most people, unrealistic expectation on us and what we need to be able to achieve “self-worth” and to live a “successful life” in this largely narcissistic, secularist and nihilistic post millennial world,” says Gareth

Website: Gareth Leach

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