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Gareth Leach—

Gareth Leach
Artist: Gareth Leach
Track: Down the Rabbit Hole
Single: Down the Rabbit Hole

“As a schoolteacher and father, I have seen and have become increasingly concerned with the mental health of our kids,” says Gareth Leach. Growing up in an age where technology is so deeply integrated into every life, especially through social media, the aftermath being a generation of people growing up with addictions to their devices and without really strong connections to their community and people in the real world causing a scary rise in childhood depression and anxiety.

“At first, I was angry with these kids and couldn’t understand why they were so obsessed with their devices and technology. Then I began to look around and realised that there is so much bad modelling of behaviour to these kids from their parents—US!

“We grew up with very little education about such things and as a result you see parents and adults with their heads buried in their phones or devices all the time. We’re too busy scrolling through newsfeeds and comparing lives with everyone around them and their projection of ‘perfect’, ‘successful’ and ‘happy’, so much so that we are not fully present at our kids footy games, school concerts, dance recitals, and the list goes on. And we’re nearly all guilty of it.

“This song is a reminder of this scary reality of us as a society getting so far lost Down the Rabbit Hole that we are neglecting to emotionally foster our future—the kids. Musically set to upbeat yet dark bluegrass instrumentation, the purpose of this song is to slap the listener in the face and say, ‘Hey, listen up. We need to have a talk!’”

Website: Gareth Leach

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