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Hayley Marsten—

Hayley Marsten
Artist: Hayley Marsten
Track: Spectacular Heartbreak
Album: Spectacular Heartbreak

Hayley Marsten has released the title track from her album Spectacular Heartbreak. She says the song “celebrates being fearless enough to have your heart broken so spectacularly.”

Hayley’s writing is equal parts heartfelt and humorous; her sass outdone only by her singing.

She says, “I had spent so much time writing about all the hurt and sadness that had inspired the album that I was feeling disappointed and regretful, but writing this song made me come to terms with everything and realise that I don’t want to be scared to open my heart in case it doesn’t work out. So instead I focused on the stuff that happens on the other side of heartbreak, the spectacular stuff.”

The album was produced by Matt Fell at Love HZ Studios.

Website: Hayley Marsten

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