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Hayley Marsten—

Hayley Marsten
Artist: Hayley Marsten
Track: Pretty
Single: Pretty

In her new single Pretty, Hayley Marsten tackles the ugly reality of the entertainment industry and its damaging beauty standards. It comes off the back of her hit single Spectacular Heartbreak.

Never one to shy away from an opinion, Hayley wrote Pretty after she realised that most of the comments she received on social media weren’t about her talent or work ethic, but rather how attractive she was. “I feel like it’s not enough for women in the entertainment industry—in any industry, actually—to be talented, hard working, smart or fun; we have to be pretty too,” she says. “At the start of my career, multiple people told me that I’d be deemed unprofessional if I went to a gig without a full face of make-up or my hair done, whereas my male counterparts could rock up in footy shorts and thongs and that would be celebrated.”

For Hayley, “this song is my middle finger to the unattainable and impossible beauty standards thrust upon women. The fact is, my beauty is the most uninteresting thing about me and it’s the most uninteresting thing about all women.”

Pretty was recorded at Love Hz Studios with Matt Fell during the recording of her album Spectacular Heartbreak which earned her a Golden Guitar and Queensland Music Award nomination.

Website: Hayley Marsten

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