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Artist: Hinterland
Track: Giddy Up
Single: Giddy Up

Transitioning from being 2020’s new kids on the block to becoming one of 2021’s most talked-about emerging talents, the Gold Coast’s Hinterland have made strides with their first EP, and are now jumping back into the saddle for Giddy Up, a rollicking country girl-power anthem about showing your cheating man the door.

Giddy Up is such a fun, exciting song for us. It’s got that real 90s vibe with the classic ‘girl catches boy cheating on her and kicks him out’ country story and old school shuffle feel that you can’t help but bop along to,” says Hinterland’s co-vocalist, Jesse Emmanuel.

“We were inspired by a Reba McEntire track and really tried to put some of her flavour into it, and then it was like, what would Brad Paisley play here?; how would Shania say this? It just became this amalgamation of all our favourites. We’re excited to show off our cheeky side with this one!”

Jesse (daughter of Australian music royalty, Phil Emmanuel) is one of the most sought-after writers in country music having an APRA Songwriting Award and co-writing credits including Taylor Moss’s Ain’t No Girly Girl. Rachel Bostock is one of the most revered violinists in Australia and a three-time Golden Fiddle Award winner. Robbie Bostock has won a National Songwriting Award and, along with producing work, has toured the world playing guitar on the biggest stages with some of our huge homegrown talent. And together they are Hinterland.

Website: Hinterland

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