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Hudson Rose—

Hudson Rose
Artist: Hudson Rose
Track: Drivin’ to You
Single: Drivin’ to You

Rising country artist, Hudson Rose’s new single, Drivin’ to You, was co-written and produced by Michael Paynter and Michael Delorenzis, from the famed MSquared Team. It is a confident country pop track with an outlaw vibe, displaying infectious and energetic hooks and a strong kick throughout the song.

Driving to You is about being torn between what you know you should do and what you’re pulled towards, trying to stop yourself from getting in the car to go somewhere you know you shouldn’t go and the inner struggles that go with that—in this case it’s being drawn to the classic “bad boy”.

“The idea for this song came from a short video I saw where a girl said the only thing that could stop her from going to see a guy was having a drink, because then she can’t drive. I could relate to this as we all have things we know we shouldn’t do or places we shouldn’t go, but for some reason we are drawn to still do it. I developed the idea lyrically, with a strum pattern,” says Hudson.

From NSW’s mid north coast, Hudson has a gift of storytelling. Together with a vibrant, down to earth personality, unquestionable star quality and at just 19 years of age, she in an impressive voice on the country music scene in Australia and one to watch as her story unfolds.

Website: Hudson Rose

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