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Hunter Kaine—

Hunter Kaine
Artist: Hunter Kaine
Track: Mind of its Own
Single: Mind of its Own

Hunter Kaine’s new single, Mind of its Own, follows her successful 2020 debut, Long Way from Lonely, featuring Australian music legend, Shane Nicholson.

Mind of its Own oozes Country pop vibes; jangly acoustic guitars and hook-laden vocals, wrapped around a beat that transports you smack bang into the middle of an arena stage mosh pit. Yet behind that slick façade lies the tale of a tortured heart. “This beat in my chest is messin' with my head,” sings Hunter in the rousing first verse. In her words, the song speaks of “relationships that have ended, that continue to haunt us and keep us locked into the past with a former lover.”

“My producer Adrian Hannan and I are from Melbourne, a city that experienced one of the toughest and longest lockdown periods in the world,” recalls Hunter. “Using Zoom to communicate during the tracking process was a quirky experience, but we had an absolute ball,” she says. “Once the lockdowns were over, I was able to attend the Song Store and record my lead and backing vocals.”

Website: Hunter Kaine

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