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Jade Holland—

Jade Holland
Artist: Jade Holland
Track: Do it Right
Single: Do it Right

Pop country singer–songwriter, Jade Holland has released her second single, Do it Right, following her critically acclaimed single Drive Thru.

Do it Right is not a standard love song—it’s a statement. It’s a call to action for men and women across the globe in relationships. Do it Right mines the depths of Jade’s past heartbreaks while galvanizing her determination not to waste years obsessing over a lost love. “Being able to take control of my own heartbreak made it easier for me to walk away,” she says.

Thanks to the worldwide COVID lockdowns, Do it Right became a quarantine project managed across time zones. Co-written by Jade with David Mescon and Bruce Wallace in Nashville, it was recorded in Australia and Nashville and produced by David “Messy” Mescon at Messy Room Studios in Nashville. “Even though we were on different sides of the planet, we were able to find the same frequency in this song,” says Jade.

As ambassador for Mental Awareness Foundation, Jade was one of the first music artists to tour again in the Resilience Tour across Regional Queensland throughout August, September and October. “This tour really hits a note for me because you never really notice Mental Health awareness in your own life until someone asks you if you are okay,” says Jade.

Website: Jade Holland

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