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James Franklin—

James Franklin
Artist: James Franklin
Track: Ordinary Friends
Album: Kids

James Franklin is a singer–songwriter from Melbourne whose music is described as “A pinch of Folk, A teaspoon of Rock, A handful of Soul and the comfort food ... ready to make you feel good.”

James says he grew up on Stevie Wonder, Sting, The Beatles and James Taylor. “Their influences are still present in my writing today. I also love artists such as Jason Mraz, John Mayer, John Martyn, Thirsty Merc, Paul Brady, Declan O’Rourke, Irish Trad Music, New Orleans music and so much more.”

James says, “I just want to keep connecting with people. I have no big goals set that I ‘have to meet before I’m 30 or else I will have failed’, I think those are superfluous. I’m trying to provide a service with my songwriting. I’m trying to do what songs have always done for me, pull me out of the deepest, darkest valley of my mind and into the light. My goal is to make people feel something.”—Dave Bruce, Amnplify.

Website: James Franklin

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