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Jamie Lindsay—

Jamie Lindsay
Artist: Jamie Lindsay
Track: Start Again
Single: Start Again

With a gospel feel and an inspiring message, Jamie Lindsay’s new single, Start Again is about redemption and forgiveness with a positive feel that we can all take heart from in these difficult times.

Start Again, was inspired by his publisher when he told Jamie to start again on a song he had sent him.

“I had a blank piece of paper and I wrote Start Again at the top, because he’d told me to start again,” he said. “I envisaged this guy who might have been locked up. He was remorseful, so just wants to start again.”

The NSW Central Coast singer–songwriter said the song could be taken to be quite religious, although he wasn’t religious himself, but there was always hope in everyone’s life and he wanted to convey that through this track. “There is always that point where you go, ‘I’m going to start over’ for whatever reason—you could be going down the wrong road, and you just need to stop,” Jamie said. “It is one of those tracks that means so much on a lot of different topics in my life and, musically, it came together really well in the studio.”

Jamie has had a rollercoaster ride in life and his music, having been a Star Maker grand finalist in 1997 and 1998 and graduating from The College of Country Music in 1998 (now known as The CMAA Academy). Having played in rock and pop bands over the past 20 years, Jamie says “Starting again feels like what I am doing now. I should have stayed in country music, but I went on the journey that I went on and here I am, starting again.”

Start Again is the final single to be released from Jamie’s debut album, Eleven.

Website: Jamie Lindsay

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