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Jason Lee—

Jason Lee
Artist: Jason Lee
Track: She’s In It
Single: She’s In It

She’s In It is a breezy love song that’s bound to put a smile both on your face and in your heart. It showcases Jason Lee’s belief in music as a reflection of his life and belief in the country and its people. At its core, there’s a tangible sense of affection towards his fans and the entire country scene.

Jason says the song “makes me think of my wife. It’s about two people in love and the guy can’t believe his luck. He struck gold and can’t wait to spend every minute with her.” It’s a simple concept but one that Jason nails thanks, in part, to the engineering and production of Simon Johnson at Hillbilly Hut Studio.

Jason says of his career in the music industry, “It’s about getting good music out to the folks. That’s why I do it.” And good music is somewhat of an understatement, given Jason’s history. He’s picked up awards for Best Male Artist, Song of the Year, Heritage Song of the Year, along with being nominated for New Oz Artist of the Year, with a number of songs in Top 10 charts around the country over the years. Now, he’s returned from a short hiatus with She’s In It, not only proving his staying power, but also his musical growth.

Website: Jason Lee

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