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Jayne Denham—

Jayne Denham
Artist: Jayne Denham
Track: Lovin’ a Wild Thing
Album: Moonshine

Jayne Denham, proving again that she’s the dominant female force in Australian country rock music, unveils a new groundbreaking album titled Moonshine with a mind-blowing focus track Lovin’ a Wild Thing, penned by talented songwriters Brian White, Jason Sever, Ben Glover, and Chad Brownlee.

The album is infused with the spirited essence of the Prohibition era of risk-taking, love affairs, and dedicated moonshine runners, the resonating themes and sounds blending uniquely in today’s modern country music scene. Drawing inspiration from the raw, wild, and action-packed sounds of that time, Jayne embarks on a sonically rich journey that evokes the spirited and illegal act of moonshine production. With Moonshine, Jayne’s musical voyage pays homage to the adventurous thrill-seekers and inevitable heartbreak that characterized a period defined by defiance and rebellion.

Website: Jayne Denham

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