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Jessica Braithwaite—

Jessica Braithwaite
Artist: Jessica Braithwaite
Track: Who You Know
Single: Who You Know

Jessica Braithwaite is fast building a reputation as an enchanting songwriter. Who You Know was written with Bridget Benenate and recorded with producer Stuart Brawley. It features One Direction live drummer Josh Devine on percussion.

The song is a powerful celebration of the people we love in our lives. “Who do you know who makes your life better?,” that’s the question at the heart of the song.

In 2015 Jessica took a break from the limelight and moved to South Africa to teach music at a remote orphanage near the Zimbabwe border. It was there under the shadow of the Drakensberg mountain range that she rediscovered the joy in music. Back in South Australia she landed a job in television that has continued to this day. In between hosting weather reports on Channel 9 and raising a young family, she has found opportunities to perform, record and develop her songs.

Being an independent artist has empowered Jessica to do it her way. She is excited to be part of a growing movement of self-empowered artists and has co-hosted the Australian Independent Record Label Awards with Dylan Lewis for the past two years.

Website: Jessica Braithwaite

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