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Artist: Josie
Track: Our Place
Single: Our Place

Hot on the heels of a sold-out show opening for Lane Pittman at this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival, country star-on-the-rise, Josie, has released her new single, Our Place.

Josie’s music has gained popularity for possessing some serious authenticity and a whole lot of swagger. Our Place delivers in spades and has proven to be a crowd favourite with her fans at her live shows, bringing them to their feet and wanting more. Yet behind the dance floor party tunes, jacked up guitars and rolling banjo, lies a down home party story about community, and having a good time.

“If anyone has been to a party at my parents’ place, you’d know we don’t muck around when it comes to having a bit of fun, cooking up mean feeds, and letting your hair down no matter the occasion,” recalls Josie.

Once again teaming up with super producer duo MSquared, Josie relished every second of the session. “Hearing my song babies that only ever existed in my living room come to life is an experience I’ll never take for granted, and this track was no exception to this incredible feeling. We started the recording process of this one with the guitar riff that you hear in the intro that drives the whole song, and I think it really set the tone, felt a bit dirty, bit groovy, I love it.”

Website: Josie

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