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Kate Hindle—

Kate Hindle
Artist: Kate Hindle
Track: Broken Mind
Single: Broken Mind

Broken Mind is Kate Hindle’s latest single, written by Kate and produced by Josh Schuberth.

The song is about the aftermath of losing someone. It invokes that familiar sense of grief and destruction that follows the ending of a relationship. As the song builds through Kate’s spine-tingling vocals, a distinct message of strength emerges, a glimmer of hope as time passes, and the sun coming out, an uplifting and comforting theme that has been established in Kate’s music.

Kate’s lyrics are a declaration that life’s trials and tribulations can feel as though they’re tearing us down at times; they address the way our mental health can suffer, but that the strength built from persevering is what makes us who we are.

“I’ve got to fail to learn to fly,” is a self-penned lyric and motto that Kate lives by. Finding the inner strength to keep pushing forward despite failure, is something she understands best. From hospital beds, to learning to walk again despite chronic pain from degenerative disc disease, she has proven she is a strong-willed young woman.

Her warm vocal tones and raw lyrics take the listener on a journey of love, personal victory, positivity and a yet a touch of heartache.

Website: Kate Hindle

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