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Kate Hindle—

Kate Hindle
Artist: Kate Hindle
Track: Take It All In
Single: Take It All In

A fresh country pop track, Take It All In, was written by Kate Hindle and produced by James Newhouse. Kate also does vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitar; and James drums, percussion, bass, dobro and electric guitar.

The song captures a sense of nostalgia, brought through in the lyrics, which are reminiscent of memories from Kate’s childhood and teen years. It acknowledges the journey of growing up and how one can come to find security and comfort in things that once felt limiting, a small childhood town. With the twangy introductory notes ringing true to Kate’s country upbringing, Take It All In is a celebratory anthem of her life thus far. It carries a warmth and positivity to appreciate the good things in life.

Performing since the age of nine, Kate is a talented multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter, her lyrics and material a declaration that life’s trials and tribulations can feel as though at times they’re tearing us down. Kate addresses the way mental health can suffer, but the strength built from persevering is what makes us who we are, all reflected in her three previous singles, Heart Bleed, One Step Away, and Broken Mind.

Website: Kate Hindle

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