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Katie Brooke—

Katie Brooke
Artist: Katie Brooke
Track: Dreamer’s Tired Mind
EP: Katie Brooke

Katie Brooke’s Dreamer’s Tired Mind has a dreamy, mystical vibe that makes you feel as though you’re walking through wide open spaces on a desert plain. Katie says her goal is to write songs that either take you somewhere, make you feel something, or both—this song does just that and is her personal favourite from her upcoming self-titled EP.

Katie has spent the past five years touring NSW and QLD as well as supporting artists and bands including Shannon Noll and The Black Sorrows. Her debut EP features the ever-popular Home Town Song as well as four other original tracks, including a song that was co-written with Natalie Pearson and Brook Chivell. Each track is uniquely inspired by love, heartbreak, living away from home, being on the road, country living and the journey so far. Produced by Rusty Crook, the EP has a 90’s country vibe.

Katie is a true country girl raised on the family farm. She grew up listening to traditional country music and while she loves all the genres associated with modern country music, she wanted to create a nostalgic vibe and take people back to the country music she knew from a young age. “I’ve always connected deeply with the music of artists like Martina McBride, Randy Travis, Faith Hill and George Strait,” says Katie, “and I wanted to honour that sound and feel through my work. Russ did an amazing job of bringing my songs to life, he absolutely nailed it”

Website: Katie Brooke

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