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Katie Jayne—

Katie Jayne
Artist: Katie Jayne
Track: SOS
Single: SOS

SOS is the latest single from up and coming country music artist Katie Jayne. An upbeat, fun look at “adulting” and all the failings that go along with it, SOS is somewhat autobiographical. It shines a light on good intentions executed poorly, with a cheeky narrative culminating in the catchy tagline, “I only smoke on a Saturday”.

“It’s hard to believe that just a couple of months ago, I was at my busiest Tamworth Country Music Festival yet with loads of things planned for the rest of the year, and now here we are in isolation and staying home because of the coronavirus. During such a serious time, I thought it’d be good to send out SOS again, almost as a reminder of how life used to be, just a few short weeks ago,” says Katie.

Originally from Dubbo, NSW, Katie began her career in the United Kingdom in 2015 as the driving force behind the duo Southern Junction. In 2018 Katie released her first solo single, Sunlit Avenue. Her second single No Shadow followed, and her third Use Me released last year and showed a softer more vulnerable side to her writing.

Website: Katie Jayne

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