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Keith Urban—

Keith Urban
Artist: Keith Urban
Track: We Were
Single: We Were

Eric Church features on a just-released new recording of Keith Urban’s latest hit single We Were.

The timing is significant with We Were recently entering the top 10 of the Billboard Country Airplay chart. It’s the 40th time Keith has achieved this milestone.

This re-release with Eric will also create renewed interest in the track with Keith who has recently announced his first Las Vegas residency next year.

Eric wrote We Were with Ryan Tyndell and Jeff Hyde.

“It made sense when I heard it, not only Eric, but Ryan and Jeff as well. The three of them together have a particular thing, you know? I think they wrote Springsteen as well,” says Keith about the time he first heard the song and decided to record it. “They just have a good chemistry, the three of them. But Eric has such a knack for storytelling anyway and choosing images and lyrics that they seem like a thousand people must have used them before, and yet they’re completely original.”

Website: Keith Urban

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