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Keith Urban—

Keith Urban
Artist: Keith Urban
Track: Wild Hearts
Single: Wild Hearts

“I’m here to tell you anything can happen in this life if you got the heart and the passion and a god lit fire inside,” sings four-time GRAMMY Award winner Keith Urban on his new single Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts is Keith’s autobiographical, fist-pumping, arena-ready rise-up anthem. It is a revealing look at what motivates him as a musician and why his drive is equally ignited by those who didn’t believe in him, the “shine-blockers”. The new track is as musically intoxicating as it is infectious and as personal as it is relatable.

Co-written by Keith, Brad Tursi, Jennifer Wayne and Eric Paslay, the song dares its listeners to walk away without being hooked and inspired. Keith says that he didn’t intend to write something so personal, but that the song somehow called for it. A few loosely highlighted chronological snapshots of his journey, including the first concert he attended, (Johnny Cash for those wondering), and the result is an inspiring rallying cry that, as he sings, “goes out to the drifters, dreamers and wild cards, who have wild hearts just like mine.”

Website: Keith Urban

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