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Kieran Lancini—

Kieran Lancini
Artist: Kieran Lancini
Track: The Reason
Single: The Reason

Co-written by Kieran Lancini and long time friend, Golden Guitar winner Tamara Stewart, The Reason is a highly personal song about never giving up hope.

“It came from a story my Aunty told me. I found out that my great, great Grand Parents flipped a coin and decided their fate and future back in the 1800s in Scotland. Heads was Australia and Tails was Canada. Thankfully Heads won and the rest, they say, is history. I like to think I inherited some of that adventurous spirit,” says Kieran.

Kieran inherited his ancestors’ sense of adventure, moving to the UK in 2006 leaving his performing career behind. “It wasn’t until I went back for the Star Maker 40th Anniversary show in Tamworth in 2019, that the performer was well and truly awoken in me,” he says. “I was absolutely terrified as it had been years since I was on stage in front of a live audience and band. It was then that I decided to dip my toe back in and get something out there again.”

The Reason was recorded in Nashville at the famed House of Blues Studios and Fox Den Studios in Sheffield, England. An impressive line up of musicians feature on the track including Australian guitarist Jedd Hughes, Eddie Bayers on Drums, Dan Dugmore on Pedal Steel, Lex Price on bass, and Mike Rojas on keys/piano. Tamara Stewart, who produced the track, also provides backing vocals.

Website: Kieran Lancini

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