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Kim Cheshire—

Kim Cheshire
Artist: Kim Cheshire
Track: Looks Like Heaven
Album: Looks Like Heaven

Looks Like Heaven is Golden Guitar winning singer–songwriter Kim Cheshire’s title track from his new album. It follows on from the recent release of the single Have Mercy, Kim’s first release in more than a decade.

The song’s inspiration was from a place of deep introspection, contemplating life, the universe and everything in between. “The song was inspired by a TV interview I saw years ago with a little old lady reflecting on her recent near-death experience and how she shared her personal meeting with Jesus and his twelve disciples,” says Kim. “I watched that interview, went to bed and woke up the following day ruminating on what she’d said, and thinking about my own mortality. That rumination became Looks Like Heaven.”

Kim has released two solo albums, Rocking Horse to Mars in 2001 and Dead Man’s Shoes in 2010. Now semi-retired and living in northern NSW, he says, “I haven’t always been out there playing gigs and making records, but I’ve always written songs. I write whether I have a project on hand or not. I consider myself a writer, someone who just wants to get stuff off my chest.”

“The truth is this song is more a reflection of my never-ending fascination for all people, their beliefs, personal philosophies, passions, and existential fears whether Atheist, Buddhist, Jew, Christian, Muslim. Whatever, it’s all fine with me,” he says. Looks Like Heaven is a deeply fascinating look at the nature of life itself, and its warm sound and classic roots feel make the journey worthwhile.

Website: Kim Cheshire

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