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Liam Brew—

Liam Brew
Artist: Liam Brew
Track: Kick it Tomorrow
Single: Kick it Tomorrow

Liam Brew’s new single, Kick it Tomorrow is more thoughtful and serious than his previous releases. It represents another, deeper, side of his journey. It’s a song about those people who stay in our lives longer than they really should, even when we know they’re not good for us, yet we go back for more anyway.

Liam is country to the bone. From music to trucks, song-writing to vacation choices, he brings it all back to the country. His big break was in January 2009 when he took out the coveted 30th Toyota Star Maker title. His raw and honest storytelling, coupled with his cheeky demeanour and obvious knack for live performance, immediately established him as one to watch on the Australian music landscape.

Website: Liam Brew

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