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Lucie Tiger—

Lucie Tiger
Artist: Lucie Tiger
Track: Greenwood
EP: Greenwood

Greenwood, the first track from Lucie Tiger’s new EP, is inspired by the late, great Robert Johnson’s final resting place in Greenwood, Mississippi. It’s chock-full of swagger and toe-tapping catchiness.

The open road is where adventure meets spontaneity. It’s about endless stretches of two-lane blacktops and a brand new feeling around every corner. It’s where the stereo is turned up, the windows are rolled down and songs that don’t have you playing drums on the steering wheel are left by the wayside.

Lucie is the embodiment of all of the above, as she blazes a trail down the highway with her “Road Trip Americana” style of country. She disregards conventions for a Muscle Shoals rhythm-rooted practicality that pulls together the classic and the contemporary. She’s surprising the industry one song at a time, so it’s time to buckle up and tag along for the ride.

Website: Lucie Tiger

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