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Lucie Tiger—

Lucie Tiger
Artist: Lucie Tiger
Track: Burn it Down
Single: Burn it Down

Lucie Tiger, a respected songwriter and performer, has release her new single, Burn it Down, which shows another side of her songwriting. In a fired up departure from her familiar themes, the single was prompted by events during the pandemic and inspired by Miranda Lambert’s Kerosene.

In Burn it Down, Lucie’s done with being nice and the song is her way of saying that she won’t get fooled again. With a compelling blend of determination, grit and charm, the song is Lucie’s message to those who think it’s okay to do wrong by others.

Written and performed by Lucie (acoustic guitar and vocals), Burn it Down features Will McFarlane (electric guitar), Bob Wray (bass), Brad Kuhn (organ), and Justin Holder (drums).

Website: Lucie Tiger

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