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Mak & Shar—

Mak and Shar
Artist: Mak & Shar
Track: Best Thing
Single: Best Thing

Award-winning country pop duo, Mak & Shar, trace the path of young love on their new single Best Thing.

Although the two brothers launched in 2022, they’re far from the new kids on the block. Of Brothers3 fame, they have been performing since they could hold a guitar.

Heralded for their lush harmonies and trail-blazing country pop sound, the brothers have delivered on their new track, with the romantically charged Best Thing a harmonious blend of their country music roots with a modern twist.

Best Thing was written about that special someone in your life,” older brother Shardyn explains. “It’s nice to look back and remember all the amazing moments in a relationship. Little things that pop into your head that you forget about and suddenly remember.”

“There’s a line in Best Thing that says ‘the day you took the diamond ring’ and that takes me back to the day I proposed to my wife,” continues Mak. “Songwriting is such a personal experience, and it can be incredible to share with the world. People resonate with songs in different ways and it’s so awesome to see how they respond to our music.”

Recorded and produced by the brothers at their professional home studio, they played everything on the track from drums, piano, bass and guitar to harmonica, mandolin and even slide guitar. As soon as Mak heard the song, he knew it would be a hit for the duo. “We recorded Best Thing in less than two days,” reveals Shar. “I wrote the lyrics to the song on my own in the studio, sung it to Mak once and he said, ‘Cool, that’s our next single.’”

While Mak deals with most of the arrangements and instruments, Shar is the lyricist of the duo. Growing up in some of NSW’s finest wine country, the farm boys from Mudgee were raised without electricity, running water or sewerage, just so that their mother could afford to buy them instruments and drive them across the country to their shows. While Mak found fame as ‘the kid with the bowl cut’ in the Macca’s ads, Shar honed his craft on the theatre stage, appearing in Hugh Jackman’s The Boy From Oz and Titanic The Musical.

Website: Mak &Shar

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