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Mason Watts—

Mason Watts
Artist: Mason Watts
Track: Enough’s Enough
Single: Enough’s Enough

Mason Watts’s latest single, Enough’s Enough, is a painstakingly honest ballad that sees him come face to face with a love gone awry as he continues to establish himself as an artist who openly embraces his vulnerability and pain.

Opening with the line “I see you stare back at me as you walk out the door”, Mason immediately pulls at our heartstrings. Singing over delicate and piano-driven pop production, the 20 year old builds to a crescendo as he comes to the conclusion “How do you know when enough’s enough?”

Mason says, “When I first started writing Enough’s Enough I was overwhelmed with emotions; I found myself conflicted in deciding the fate of a failing relationship. The song brings out that internal battle of loving someone who you’re constantly fighting with and who is treating you poorly, whilst also identifying the pain involved with leaving a person who, despite everything, you still love.”

Enough’s Enough was produced and co-written by South African-born producer Robby De Sa, who boasts an impressive catalogue of artists including 5 Seconds of Summer, Gretta Ray and The Veronicas. “Enough's Enough was our first time working together. We immediately hit it off, basically writing the whole track in a single session. After months of jamming out to the demo, I can’t wait to share this track with the world,” says Mason.

Website: Mason Watts

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