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Matt Ward—

Matt Ward
Artist: Matt Ward
Track: Come Home Safe
Single: Come Home Safe

Singer-songwriter, Matt Ward boasts a fresh sound on his new single, Come Home Safe, the first to appear ahead of his third album, The Long Way Home to be released later this year.

With its searing tempo and fast-paced, hip-hop like vocal delivery, Come Home Safe evolves with Matt’s rough and tumble Americana sound. Between the blistering guitar solos is a cautionary tale. “Come Home Safe is about the dangers of forever searching for happiness, without realising it is right in front of you,” says Matt. “Gravel roads, hot summer days, bushfires and kangaroos on the side of the road at dusk.”

The South Australian has spent much of his life conducting environmental conservation in remote parts of the country and sits on co-management boards with First Nations traditional owners for the Nullarbor area. It’s safe to say there are few stones this troubadour has left unturned. Yet, the idea for Come Home Safe came from a yearning to explore somewhere new.

“The writing process for the song was VERY different to my normal approach. I had a recurring dream about a town in regional South Australia that I’d never visited before. I decided to visit this town, and on the way had a really bad car accident! Following this, I had another dream where the melody and vocal style (also quite different for me) came to me. I woke up in the middle of the night and recorded the melody.”

Following that peculiar string of events the rolling stone traced a path south. “Matt Fell let me look after his house for a couple of weeks in the Tasmanian wilderness. It was here that I wrote the song, on the floor of his studio with just my acoustic guitar (and my dog Shooter).”

Website: Matt Ward

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