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Michelle Gardiner—

Michelle Gardiner
Artist: Michelle Gardiner
Track: Live it Up
Single: Live it Up

Live it Up is Michelle Gardiner’s latest single, following on from the success of Michelle’s self-titled debut EP. It has an upbeat, modern, country-pop sound.

The song was inspired by a phone call from a friend complaining about their day at work and written to serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest while we have the chance—we all have responsibilities that need to be addressed, but we shouldn’t forget to balance things out and fit a bit of fun into the mix!

Michelle is a singer–songwriter based in Melbourne who has a passion for country music. Inspired by her family music roots, her sound finds its feet in traditional country and finishes around Shania Twain. With a varied and eclectic repertoire, Michelle brings excitement, fun and vibrant energy to her songs and performances. She has performed alongside acts including John Williamson, The Black Sorrows, Lee Kernaghan, Kate Ceberano and Pete Murra, including a highlight performance at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Website: Michelle Gardiner

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